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Ammoun offers themed voyages, from ‘classic’ all-inclusive tours and artistic residencies to semi-independent cycling trips, weekends and events. We take meticulous care to provide quality, unique experiences with a strong ethical ethos.
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It is something to be able to paint a particular picture, or to carve a statue, and so to make a few objects beautiful; but it is far more glorious to carve and paint the very atmosphere and medium through which we look. To affect the quality of the day – that is the highest of arts.
— Henry David Thoreau

About Ammoun Voyages Ltd.

Our company approach, ethos and who we are...

  • Step off the old merry-go-round

    Packages offered by many companies are often old-hat circuits of partner agents in the host country. Our tours are based on our own meticulous research for our themes and routes, using specially selected restaurants & hotels & expert/local knowledge. We set the agenda! Read more about us

  • Where are the fat cats?

    Although our best pals are cats, there are no 'fat cats' here! Director, Farès K Moussa is an anthropologist who has designed, run & lectured on tours for 10 years. The Ammoun team & tour experts all have expertise in different areas. Read more about the team & accompanying experts

  • We're hypersensitive

    Travel & tourism can be detrimental to local staple economies & the fabric of communities. We actively plan journeys with sensitivity. We select hotels & restaurants that are locally-run & invest in local communities. We like to support local craft industries & traditions. Read our Ethical Policy

  • Say no to 'single punishments'

    Most companies levy a 'single supplement', passing on a fee charged by hotels for ‘blocking out’ a room with a one person. We do not believe this is fair or makes commercial sense; and actively discourage this fee culture. We will *never* charge you a single supplement. Read more about us

  • Ammoun what?

    'Ammoun' is adapted from the Greek, Egyptian & Saharan deity 'Ammon' / 'Amun', believed to protect the passage of travellers overland & at sea. This deity was frequently represented with the twin-peaked mountain, the ram's horns or Barbary sheep. Read more about ‘Ammon’/’Amun’

  • Carbon off-what?

    We're committed to minimising damage to the environment. Wherever possible, we actively select hotels & restaurants with eco-policies & try to reduce travel-related carbon emissions. We will avoid using wasteful indirect flights, wherever possible. Read our Ethical Policy

Feel the Love

I have no hesitation…in introducing Ammoun Voyages, a very innovative tours company founded by Farès Moussa. Many…will already know Farès from tours he has led both for Eastern Approaches and other companies. Like me, Farès comes from an archaeological background and has an intimate knowledge of the areas he covers in North Africa, the western Mediterranean and beyond.

Warwick Ball, Eastern Approaches


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Ammoun Voyages Ltd is a company registered in England & Wales, company no.: 6764271. Registered Address: 8 Dene House, 79 Frances Road, Windsor SL4 3FE. TTA membership no.: Q2950. ATOL PROTECTED.
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